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  • TikTok® is an eShop a new way how connect brands and costumers, with so many products on our marketplace, you can add your brand or store,  can show to all your followers in social media your products, and sell to everyone now.

You create your profile® and add all your available products, whether physical or digital, here at merci you can significantly increase your sales numbers, and have access to the number of people who entered your page and run an ad campaign together with your social networks.

Create a website? NO MORE!

Sell® !


You can sell your products to everyone!

On our website you can list all the products available from the store or brand, showing the availability of all in stock. You can use merci as an extension of your business, no longer needing to invest a fortune to create a website, the new eShop system makes your followers feel safe buying your product on our marketplace.

Be seen!

You can use our platform to boost your store, making ads on some networks, such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, Meta, TitkTok, and even advertising your products on the cart pages of our website, where everyone who will check out will see your products. here at merci is the right place for your brand or store to grow, you can be part of this sales system that will change the way you buy and sell products, register now to have your profile approved.

What can I sell?

Selling has never been so easy, here at Merci there are some quality controls and commerce requirements for your account to be approved to sell within our system, you are free to sell almost all types of products, below we leave some categories and subcategories.

Physical and digital products are fully approved on our platform, if you are a designer, you can selling mockups or photos for use on websites, foe exemple, also ebooks can be sold to all customers of our eShop.

Tech People

Digital products

Staying Home

 Home Devices 

Image by JC Gellidon

Sports fashion

Tech People


Alcoholic Drinks


Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 12.01_edited.jpg


Colorful Books


Outdoor Fashion


and more...


Clothes, Accessories, Shoes , Purse, Glasses, Whatc, jewelry, books, Eletronic devices, Imusical instruments



Home devices, tools and construction, TV audio, cinema, câmera, mobile, computer, kitchen, toys, auto parts.


Home appliances, sports, Adventure


PET Shop, alcoholic beverages.


The minimum transaction amount is $1.99, if Merci's commission rate is not reached, the amount will be charged.

Transfers are already made with Merci discounts.

Sell atmerci is easy!


1- To register, you must provide us with your contact information, an official identification document, a bank account with the same document as your registration to receive the value of your sales.

2-After registering, you will need to list your products. Use our WhatsApp support channel to talk to our registration team.

By listing your product on Merci, there will be millions of people who are looking for it here.

3- When a product from your store is sold, Merci notifies you by email and also by WhatsApp.

4- You will have 48 hours to prepare and confirm the shipment of this order. Follow the metrics so that your account is not banned from our platform.

Get your money!!

5- The balance of payments for your sales is automatically and safely deposited into your bank account every 14 days, minus fees and commissions.

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