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Plastic containers of excellence: innovation and quality for various sectors

atmerci® is a leader in the production of plastic packaging, meeting the diverse needs of sectors such as food, cosmetics, souvenirs and gifts. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we offer personalized solutions that add value to our customers' products, ensuring practicality, safety and sustainability in each package. We work tirelessly to drive the success of companies around the world, providing packaging that stands out for its excellence and meets the dynamic demands of the market.


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Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to better understand all of our products that we can provide for your company. If you would like, send us a message via Whatsapp

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Your company can buy our products ready to sell, or create 100% personalized packaging for your project

Step 3

Our action plan will be based on the needs of your company, if necessary, we will create a template for your project.


We offer ideal flexibility to meet your specific plastic packaging needs. Whether purchasing our ready-made and tested designs, ensuring practicality and efficiency, or choosing to create a customized mold from conception to plastic injection, our specialized team is ready to meet your demands. Combining expertise and innovation, we allow you to have complete control over the process, ensuring packaging that precisely meets your requirements, from conception to final production.

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